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Join the Lions Worldwide Week of Service for Diabetes.

Diabetes is a global health epidemic that impacts more than 400 million people, resulting in five million deaths a year. That's why you'll want to participate in a special Worldwide Week of Service for Diabetes, November 13-19, dedicated to stopping this deadly disease The event is a great opportunity to support Lions' new global service framework, and reach our goal of serving 200 million people a year by 2020-21. Looking for ways to support diabetes, I have a proposal below that would be of great benefit to the state of Virginia.  Your club can even earn a special diabetes patch when you report your service through MyLCL.

Presently the Virginia Diabetes Council, the Virginia Department of Health and DiabetesLocal have partnered to identify as the many resources individuals with diabetes or their caregivers may need to successfully manage their diabetes. has been identified as the primary host for these resources.

This project will provide individuals with diabetes, their caregivers, healthcare professionals, and other diabetes stakeholders a valuable tool.  As Lions we serve all communities across the state you will be the best resource in identifying what is in your own neighborhoods. All of the information provide will be reviewed and standardized by a healthcare professional to ensure healthy, accurate, and medically sound information.

I propose that each Lion Club look in their own community and identify resources that may be available for those living with diabetes.  We are looking for a comprehensive lists that will provide

    *  the name of the resource

    *  the address, including zip code

    *  phone number

    *  the specific web link (url) if they have a webpage that describes their diabetes services

    *  name and contact information for the owner or provider of the resource

    *  a brief description of what services or program they offer


Following are descriptions and some examples of resources needed:

Healthy Eating: Community Food programs, food banks, dietitians that specialize in diabetes or weight loss, counseling for eating disorders, support groups for healthy eating or weight loss, weight watcher programs, classes on nutrition or healthy eating, farmers markets, supermarket tours for healthy eating.

Being Active: parks and recreation, sports clubs, personal trainers, health clubs, gyms, any adaptive exercise programs, wellness centers, sports camps, exercise classes, yoga studios

Monitoring: Needle disposal programs, durable medical equipment companies or pharmacies, financial assistance programs, information about adaptive devices

Taking Medication: patient assistance programs, pharmacies, community pharmacies that offer counseling on diabetes

Problem Solving: Disaster relief agencies that may help those with diabetes, healthcare providers that specialize in diabetes, hospitals and special programs that may offer - stroke rehab, weight loss centers, diabetes education programs, diabetes support groups, counseling services, clinics, church-based programs

Healthy Coping: advocacy organization, mental health professionals that support those with chronic disease, or behavior change for pre diabetes, support groups for weight loss or diabetes, or for caregivers

Reducing Risks: eye exams programs, support groups and assistance for those with amputation, kidney disease, and stroke. Smoking cessation programs, sleep disorder specialists, podiatrists, eye doctors, endocrinologists, family practice doctors that specialize in diabetes, cardiac rehab and stroke rehab programs, dentists, neurologists that specialize in diabetic neuropathy.

Education: diabetes prevention, diabetes education, gestational diabetes education, chronic disease education programs, weight loss programs, health promotion programs, nutrition education programs, exercise classes, and yoga classes.


Please download from here if you wish to use a spreadsheet. If you have any questions please feel free to contact  me.



Kathy Gold, RN, MSN, CDE, FAADE

Chair, Virginia Diabetes Awareness


Note: We are currently (Nov 7, 2017) having some technical difficulties.  Please contact Kathy for more information or for the spreadsheet.




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